Post Google places


Since Google places has been taken away i have been trying to get my site seen via “local” on Google + but to no avail. It always used to be on page 1 with Google places.

Are there any tips for getting your site up there? I know reviews are supposed to be hlpful but when I look at the ones that are up there some have no reviews at all.

Anyone cracked this yet?

thanks for your time,

Your post makes no sense to me at all. “Google” is a search engine, “Google+” is social media. You can’t get your site “on” either. The search engine can index your site and when that happens, it will rank somewhere. You can link and/or claim your website on social media, but you can’t move it in there/host it, or whatever.

Google places used to appear on Google. when it was taken down it was replaced Google + local. which appear now amongst the organic google results on the search pages.

It is useful for businesses who want to show up when a locality is in the search engine text box.

Mine never shows up. Can anyone help?

thank you