How much do copywriters charge?

I want to hire some professionals to write content for the clients of my fledgling web design business.

I looked online for some candidates but their samples did not seem suitable. I am looking from someone to write general web copy for small businesses. Nothing fancy, just simple, clear content.

What do people charge?


Some charge by word, some by page, some by hour and some by project. Most that I have seen, including me, have different rates for different services. Your best bet is to find someone whose style you like and contact them to inquire about their rates, experience, and skill set just as your clients inquire about the services that you provide.

The rate on how much a copywriter charges, depends on the length of the work. The best way is to go over websites that provides a list of applicants. You will see how much are they charging and their qualifications too.

Php100 for 300 word unique article, philippines though

So that is what all copywriters in the Philippines charge? Here in the States we all set our own prices.

Are you a Filipino? :slight_smile: Does the price also change depending on the subject?

I told you one of my client is a copywriter - they charge £500 per day, or £62.50 per hour. At this time That’s person working for IT business to business type stuff which it seems there’s a huge market for, not sure about other areas.

I have had positive experience with the proof reading and copy-writing services. From my experiences they either charge per hour or on a character basis, or if it’s for ghost writing services. I recommend using a professional to do the job, you’ll clearly see a difference to what you write and you’ll never look back either.

They charge based on how good they are, how long it takes them, a percentage , or per word. The prices vary a lot you can get ok copy or super good copy . Ranging 20$ to 10k

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I pay my writers $3 for 500 word count contents. I know there is lots of writers those are ready to to write for $1.5-2 BUT it is all about the quality content.

I would like to suggest you join some online marketplace and get some samples, yes i know you are tired by doing this, but you have to do it for getting right candidate

$3 for 500 words? That’s a missery but I guess if you have good writers that do it for that much then you’re sorted out. I would find it more believable if that amount was for word.

@Clarkjackson ; That amount is abyssmal. I wouldn’t even bother opening my Office program for that amount or answering an inquiry that suggested such low pay. At that price, you hiring copy/paste typists. I’d really like to see a sample of what you call “quality”.

And by the way… no professional writer in their right mind will do “sample” work. If you want to find a good writer, find one that has a portfolio of sold work. Those who want “samples” are generally looking for someithing (the sample) for nothing (of course $3.00 for 500 words is already there).

If you want to see what GOOD writers charge, do a Google search and compare their sites, their portfolios, and their quality.

How do you provide them with content material?

  1. do you give them a topic and have them research?
  2. do you do the research and list the main bullet point and have them write the prose?

I find I can write the content in bullet points but itis difficult for me to write it.


Yes, i give them topic to write on it. <snip>

No, they do research for collecting data to write on them, I only give them some instruction that should be follow on writing style

May be they copy paste the content from other resources but i found their contents pass by copyscape and grammarly test. <snip>

And how we can make sure that they are not outsourcing their writing work to other writers those are offering $3 for 500 word??

Never give up until you find the right person. I think some writers are just overrated. There are many excellent writers in Asia who don’t demand much.