Gifs look pixelated

I am creating an animated Gif in photoshop, and image ready. Everytime I import the files into flash they have really bad pixelation around the outside of the text. I used all the different options for the text in photoshop but I still get the same results. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? If I import the files as .tiff they look fine. But I am trying to optimize my animations and would like to know how to solve this problem with Gif. Please help.


Transparent gifs need a matte colour, and they can only have one. Say you have a white background in your flash movie, then you can give the .gif a white matte. Disadvantage is they cant go on multi-coloured backgrounds.

I would actually save your .gif frames one by one as a 24 bit png and slap it all back together in flash.:slight_smile:

Right on Egor. I wonder why people use animated GIFs in Flash when they can output frames & put them back in Flash. This way they’ll get quality which they can’t get while importing animated GIFs.

Unless ofcourse they are importing animations created by some GIF animator softwares & they don’t know how to do that in Flash.


But wouldn’t the file size be bigger if it is in png format?

Import the files in PNG. that gives you best quality at good compression. Then right click the file in library & select properties. there select the compression as JPEG & use whatever quality you want. The lesser the quality, the lesser the file size. A quality of around 80% is quite good enough with quite less file size. :slight_smile:

Yeah man. I think animated gif’s should be banned lol. I don’t know why anyone would use them full stop. It’s like putting a sticker on your forehead saying “amateur”. Oh wait, the animated smilies here are an exception.:slight_smile:

The best way (with the smallest filesize) however would be to create the animation in vector in the first place.

I think you mis-read me. I said that there’s no need to use animated gifs inside flash. I didn’t say that there’s no need for them. Animated gifs can be good sometimes. With many people surfing Flash disabled, I think that GIF ads are what that are benefical in their place. As Flash ads can hijack your browser with some bad script & send info about your surfing etc, so people are somewhat edgy about them. But GIF ads are more safe for them, so they don’t mind. :smiley:


No no ASP FUNDA I got ya. It’s just I have this thing against 'em, in Flash or not.:slight_smile: