Content Marketing, the new SEO?

I’ve tried searching the forum about this subject, so thought it would be worth bringing up. There is allot of talk about Content Marketing now, and possibly the future of SEO. I’m sure this is post Panda / Penguin updates, and SEO’s are trying new things to get back up there. I can understand why content marketing is the way to go (kind of) as Google wants to see links for relevent content on sites that carry authority. However, thie term Content Marketing is quite broad, and I personally am struggling to get to grips with what it actually is.

-Type Online PR?

  • the new Article Marketing?

I’m interested to see other users views on this, and how it could / should be executed. I see it a bit like the old article marketing to build back-links only harder as the content has to be much better quality and it needs to be posted on websites that are harder to get content on. This is easy for the big brands, but I would say much more difficult for the little guys.

Anybody know what this is and put it in to practice? And what sort of reward did the site get, boost in traffic? Sales? Search Engine Rank? :confused:


I take different approach when comes to article marketing, when I write article I target the readers and not SEO.

Often times I find articles written for SEO purposes does not provide real value and its not interesting to read.

My approach is to write to provide value by teaching something to my readers and suggest them to visit my blog for more information.

With this approach I am getting laser targeted traffic to my blog and at same time gaining a good reputation from readers with value I provide.

Hope this make sense to you.

Wish you all the best with your online marketing journey.


Gary Ganesan

I think I’m in agreement with you on this. There are allot of buzz words in this industry, and how I’m seeing it having looked around the net, is that Google are now focused on quality content, and so article marketing is still as it was, but the quality now needs to be so much better than before since the Google updates.

This is how it seems to me anyway. Gone are the days of article spinning SEO (a good thing in my opinion)

I’ve gotten a little bit bored by the whole SEO thing.

SEO will eventually make you go mad, chasing that next thing…

Personally I think unless you have a huge budget and you can pay people to do MAJOR SEO work which shoots you to the top in a period of time you couldn’t do unless you had BIG cash. I wouldn’t bother.

Personally all I am doing now is :

Concentrating on building a good site
Creating interesting things people want to come and see/read.
Hopefully these people will then naturally link / tell other people about it.
Social Media Work in Line with the above
Making sure webmaster tools, sitemaps e.t.c are all up to date.

I was obsessed with PR, link building e.t.c. All your hard work could count for nothing after the next GOOGLE algorithm change. GOOGLE make you jump through hoops.

SEO is one way of getting traffic to your site, but not the only way and you shouldn’t rely on that. That is why I just want a good site that hopefully and naturally climbs the google ladder whilst I am doing all the necessary other things I need to do which are getting the word out there

I LOATHE it and would happily pay a company (respectable one) to do it…

So in answer to your post :slight_smile: content Marketing is just the next thing that will come along, you will put lots of hard work into and 6 months down the line changes. Google (I am Sure) are just trying to find the best sites out there, so just make the best site out there…

Agreed with dariussutherland. Just try to be the best for the people and let them help you. Wasting time for SEO stuff will probably not get you there. Try to create great content for at least half a year and the results will finally come. Fingers crossed!

[FONT=verdana]Darius, what you say makes good sense.

You mentioned that you wouldn’t bother with SEO "unless you have a huge budget and you can pay people to do MAJOR SEO work ". I sometimes think that the opposite is true. One person, who understands the issues, can often achieve better results in a few hours a week, than a firm that spends a lot of money and employs a lot of people.

But I agree with the main drift of your arguments.


I always have trouble employing these kind of people because I would have no idea who to trust and if they did damage to my efforts already. If you know what you are doing and can do it, do it, but the effort sometimes involved is a job in itself that I would like to avoid hence the comment, having tried to do it. After months of trying, I’ve just chilled out about it and do as much as I can the natural way…