Connect HEIDISQL to cpanel mysql

Hi, it’s been a long time trying to connect my heidisql to cpanel mysql but still no success until now. I already configure the remote mysql I add my pulic ip there, to get my public ip i visit the site whatismyip then i copied that and add it remote mysql authorization. but when I tried to test heidisql still I can’t connect.
can I ask some help how do you guys connect this.

Thank you in advance.

I haven’t had all that many hosts, so it may be different for you. But none of them had the same server / path to the database.

That is, the address of your site is most likely not the same as your database.

Different hosts have had different path “syntax” so the only suggestion I can offer is for you to go to your host’s support pages. They should have a forum or wiki as a knowledge base.

Ok thank you

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