Congrats Paul O'B for the community awards and Ups to others as well!

Hey Paul congrats on your well deserved community awards. You work so hard at educating people regarding C.S.S., make things interesting running the contests, and don’t make people feel like fools!

I would also like to shout out thanks to Stomme poes, Ralph.m and Deathshadow60 for your efforts. Each with very different approaches but just the same each very helpful. You all make Sitepoint a great place to learn, lurk, ask questions and occasionally contribute, so thank you!


Agreed on all accounts. I’ve got nothing to add. :slight_smile:

Thanks, ServerStorm. :slight_smile:

That’s great to know. Hopefully we’ll all have a great 2012. See you around. :slight_smile:

Thanks, we have some great contributors here and some good members asking interesting questions so there is always something new to learn:)

Look out for more fun css quizzes in the new year to while away your lunch breaks.

Ditto! Sitepoint has saved my backside many times. Paul O never ceases to amaze me at his ability to solve what I’ve considered seemingly impossible CSS challenges.

Paul and Ralph are lifesavers. I can’t wait until I am good enough to come help people :slight_smile:

Don’t be shy, just start out by answering simple, easy (for you) questions. Not all people ask complex things, so if you happen to come across a question you know the answer to, don’t hesitate! :slight_smile:

Paul as well as other have been life savers for me Aand I really can not express my gratitude. But I agree with pretty up everything above and ill try ti keep it sumple— which my posts or problems usually are not :blush:

Thank you with all and from the absolute (not relative ;)) bottom of our hearts!

Paul your the man! Well deserved :slight_smile:

Absolute legend, well done and all the best for 2012 mate!

will do!