ComScore: Google Search Share Lost to Yahoo and MSN

As per ComScore, Yahoo and MSN search gained in April while Google lost the same. The broad stats are as given below:

Core search data: March April Change
Google Sites 65.7% 65.4% -0.3
Yahoo! Sites 15.7% 15.9% 0.2
Microsoft Sites 13.9% 14.1% 0.2
“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches.

Additionally, several webmasters reported improved Bing-powered search on their websites.

It is expected that Google will have its share sharply down in the month of May as the existing Panda update settles down.

I have always felt that Bing is much slower to find and index content, so if they can improve the speed with which they add new pages then they will begin to get more attention from webmasters.

In my opinion, Google has clearly left the door open for competitors.

It was observed that Bing is crawling and indexing pages faster now a days. Of course, G is relatively faster in indexing fresh content, and other search engines need to improve on that count.

Yes, it is an understandable small drop and there’s a lot of things that Yahoo and Bing needs to do to catch up with Google.

I have tried bing several months back, and had to revert to Google because of below average quality of search results (compared to G). However, this time, the results appear to be good (and some times better than Google), and have been using it as the primary Search Engine for the past one months.
Bing need to improve on:

  1. Crawling fresh content: Though it improved over the past few months, it needs to improve further.
  2. User interface: Many people don’t like background images. It diverts the attention from search. Also, the search box and font are very big, it can be a little smaller.
  3. Google itself has lot to improve, and bing should think beyond Google. (anyways, Google is messed up after Panda, though it recovered to somel extent after feedback from several webmasters)
    Anybody using blekko? It seems to be a decent search engine.

I think its good news for website owners. Google has a strong monopoly over search results. If you loose Google traffic you will loose your business. If you get traffic from other search engine like Bing, you will have some chance to survive when Google hit you.

Great point linkgenie, you want to make sure you are diversifying your traffic sources (google, bing, social media, etc.) as much as possible so all of your eggs are not in one basket. If one source delivers 75%+ of your traffic and that source goes away, then you are in trouble.

Anybody using blekko? It seems to be a decent search engine. How it compares with Google and Bing?

It’s market share is insignificant at this time compared to the others. Like most alternative search engines it’s all a matter of seeing where, if anywhere, it can go.

Compare Google with other search engine. Google have the most of the searching volume of 65%. That is very minimum drop, it will gain as lunch of new Google coffin…

How is the quality of search results.using Blekko?

Also, hearing about Yandex. Anybody using Yandex? We ran a few queries and it appears to be a good search engine.

Different name, same issue – visibility trumps quality. Being #1 on the most accurate option only helps if people see it.