Compiling PHP on Windows


I have been trying to compile PHP on Windows :

But the server for the build tools is down :
[windows|wiki] is down for maintenance

How should I compile PHP on Windows XP Pro ?
Also I have Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition. Will it work without it.

Please help.

Is there a reason you do not want to use the pre-compiled binaries?
Because compiling PHP on Windows is not the easiest thing in the world.


Yes, because the default binary doesnt come with all the extensions.
Also I wanted to learn how to do that.
Is it really really tough ?
I still want to do it.


No one knows how to compile PHP on windows ?

Seriously guys work smarter not harder

Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows : WampServer


But I want to get into coding extensions for PHP and this is the first step I believe.
If I want to code extensions I should atleast know how to compile.
I have done it on a Mac and Linux but windows tools are missing.
Anyones help will be greatly appreciated in compiling on windows and not pointing me to stacks like WAMP and XAMPP.

This one seems to make it easy for a beginner.
PHP Compile your own PHP on Windows - ClanTemplates

However, regardless you are not doing anything until The PHP group brings its servers back online.


Where can I get the tools till the PHP server is up ?
Also is there no way to compile without this ?

Yes you need them and no you cannot get them any where else that I have found.