PECL for Windows PHP 5.3?

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to obtain the pecl_http extension for php, but besides the source code (which I have no idea how to compile), I can’t find any pre-compiled dll’s that will work with PHP 5.3. It’s very frustrating.

Does anyone know a resource which has recent PECL builds, or a guide on how to compile PECL extensions for Windows (and PHP 5.3).


PECL can be install by standard PEAR packaging system. This has the steps: [B][/B]

I have tried that, but without success. I just got random errors which didn’t give a whole lot of useful information for troubleshooting. From what I’ve read, compiling pecl extensions via pear on windows is rarely successful.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Damn, I’m now after PHP’s Zip extension which is PECL only, and obviously not bundled with PHP 5.3.0. This is becoming a real frustration for developers running Windows (which I’d say most do).

EDIT: Whoops, seems it’s now built-in. Would be nice if the PHP documentation mentioned this.