Competition: the most interesting thing in your workspace

Update: please note that this competition is now closed.

Programming can be a pretty serious business. So it’s good to have a bit of fun now and then.

This month, we’re asking you to post a photo of the most interesting thing in your workspace. That might be your multiple monitors, or your shiny new i-doodah, or it could just as well be something non-technical—like your window, if the view is good … or a carefully-nurtured plant … or your lunch (preferably not after you’ve eaten it) … or even your cat/dog/hamster, if you work from home. Anything of interest in the room you work in.


We’ll pick some winners, who’ll get to choose an amazing ebook from SitePoint’s extensive library.

How will we choose?

Easy. It’s all about Likes—that button under each post. Those who get the most, get the prize. So encourage your friends to stop by and vote for you!

A few guidelines

  • say a little about the object in your picture
  • we’ll keep this thread just for entries, so please don’t start a discussion. (We’ll remove off-topic posts. :grimacing:)
  • even if you don’t have something to post, please have a look at the entries and Like liberally
  • please, just actual images from your workspace, rather than images you got from the web.

OK, even though I can’t win, I’ll kick things off. My workspace is pretty boring—a laptop, some books on a shelf … and not much else. But there, in the corner of the bookshelf, was my one concession to weirdness: a little stuffed toy I unearthed recently, which was apparently placed by my side on the day I was born.


How about Santa riding a USB missile launcher turret?

This is just one of the unusual items I have at my desk. lol


I did this photo something like a year ago… I just watched my desk and I saw this little smile back from the bottom of a bottle (maybe a beer, or a RedBull… I don’t recall, LOL). Here it is (hope you’ll like it):


The Boys


Going for the cute vote…


This is my desktop tower at work:

Going clockwise:

  • my trusty catapult that I use to lob balls of tinfoil upon unsuspecting colleagues
  • Boba Fett’s helmet
  • Halloween squishy toys
  • Darth Vader’s helmet
  • Darth Vader action figure
  • my SP Ambassador card
  • sticky note drawing from one of the colleagues
  • kitchen timer for the Scrum meetings

My workspace

My Co-Worker

Some of my Office collectibles & books.


A Giant Painting of The Ebola Virus ! This hangs above my computer normally, hand painted acrylic on canvas one of a kind I love it


Hey everyone, that’s it for this comp. Not many entries, and most from staff, but thanks to @Ariana_Deats and @Norman for their entries. They each get a free ebook. Pretty good deal!

Feel free to post further below if you wish, but the comp part is now concluded. :slight_smile:


So I’ve been busy with life and everything and I couldn’t enter, but here’s my setup.


Only for lazy people.

So what I did was put my monitor, speakers, mouse, and mouse pad on my computer chair. Then I just put my keyboard on my lap and use my computer. You may ask yourself, why don’t you just get a laptop then? Well, you can, but this is for people who own desktops and don’t want to sit up straight all the time. With my setup. Since my computer is right next to my bed, I can lay down while I am on the computer. This helps if you are really busy with a project and you don’t want to leave your computer, but your back and butt is hurting from sitting too long.

(P.S. My room is small enough for me to do this. Oh, and it’s really messy so yeah.)


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