Company that prints CD Labels?

Im looking for a company that will print bulk CD labels with a label
that I created. I searched google and didnt find anything relevant.

Does anyone know of anything like this?
Kinkos? :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you search under? I looked under label printing and saw that frontier label, vista print, and kinkos print labels but didn’t check if they do cd labels or not?

How many labelsl will you need? I have a friend who is a music collector and has hundreds of records and tapes he burns onto cd. He makes his own labels with NEATO labels and is very satisfied with the results.

And most CD duplication houses will offer this service.

most CD dupe houses will print on the disc, and not stamp the disc with a printed label [well anyways, if your dupe house does that I would run].

If you’re looking for that kind of thing, how about Disc Makers self service?

Other than that, if you’re just looking for bulk printing, really any printing place would probably do that. Kinkos would be a good place to ask. Though I would imagine you are just as well off to use a dupe house who will print something on the disc for you.

Dreamscape thats a great service, yeah i didnt think of a discmaker service they seem to be a little pricy’er than using my two CD/dvd rw drives. I just had a problem with lining up labels, i will see how these NEATO’s work, Ive never tried them.

That Disc Makers site is awesome, I would really use them if I had more money and if this goes well.

Yeah I dont need that many labels right now, just in bundles of 30. So further down the road I might do quanities of 200.

The Neato stamping system works fairly well. It doesn’t line them up on the disc absolutely perfectly, but it works much better than trying to apply them by hand. And any program I’ve used will correctly print the labels with a few adjustments perhaps.

Even small run suppliers usually print right on-disk with dye-sub printers made specifically for CD/DVDs. A good friend of mine does this and he has several automated printers that can hold 200 CDs each. They print very realisti color… he doesn’t use labels at all anymore.

If you just want 30 or so, go to the office supply store and get a cheap kit that includes the labels and little press to get them on the CD. Most companies wouldn’t touch a 30 piece order…

If you just want labels, you might want to try

I doubt that they’d do 30 labels, but you might find that it’s affordable to order 500 or 1000.