Any open source shops offer printing shipping labels?

I am trying to find a system that integrates with UPS or USPS where the store admin can process the order and print a shipping label from within the system - without having to go UPS and retype the name and address.

I’ve check Zencart and OsCommerce - they don’t see to have it.

Any ideas?


The difference between the Webgility and the ezOSC version is that the eCC plugin is a local windows based software. The ezOSC is an activeX control, so you can essentially print to any local printer directly from your browser,

Webgility eCC plug-in ( also helps to generate shipping labels with USPS, UPS WorldShip, Endicia Dazzle and

I’m pretty sure I saw that ezOSC has an osCommerce / Zencart contribution for this issue.

Have Fun!

Do they use worldship? It has a feature which allows you to map all the fields to a data source. Just download the mysql odbc driver, setup a local dsn to the mysql db through windows and map the worldship fields to the mysql fields on the order #. You need to make sure port 3306 is open to your local ip address first.


X-Cart, for example, is equipped with printable shipping labels generator. You may try to check it out to see if that’s what you need.

they do not currently use worldship and I would feel insecure opening the port to mysql anyway.

Thanks for your replies.

You would only open it to their ip address…it’s pretty safe and fairly common practice

webdevguy -

not sure if this can work for you, but you may wanna check it out anyway


  • Programmatically create UPS shipping transactions and UPS Shipping labels directly within your own custom desktop programs or website.

    • Optionally request “UPS Negotiated Rates” if your UPS account is qualified for such program.

    • Void shipping transactions on shipment level or package level.

    • Create outgoing or return labels.

    • Create GIF, PNG image labels and corresponding HTML files to print labels over an intranet or ecommerce internet application.

    • Create EPL, EPL2, SPL image labels that can be sent directly to a thermal printer like Eltron or Zebra label printers.