Creating ticket numbering with photoshop


Im currently designing a ticket to an event and need to add a different number sequentially to each ticket.

Is there a way to do that with photoshop or any other software?


I would use In Design to create this. How many tickets you need to be printing?

But usually I leave a blank area and my printer will take care of it…

  1. Could you tell me more on how?

But usually I leave a blank area and my printer will take care of it…

Maybe this solution is better since I only have one image an the printe takes care. But this is my first print job and I’m not sur on how to do it.

Your printer should be able to handle this for you, if not, just take your design into InDesign, setup auto page numbering on the Page Master and export out as a press ready PDF file to give to your printer.

Exactly, using the page numbering but if he needed 300 tickets… that would become a 300 pages document and it can be more expensive to print.

the best is to check out with the printer…

Thank you very much, I’l ask when printing comes. Thanks

Yup - you got it joaquin, I speak from many years in professional print design. Talk to your printers as soon as possible, tell then clearly what you want to achieve and exactly how they want the files.

Just to clarify then, you have two options:

  • Give the printers a single file with a blank area left for ticket numbering. The printer will more than likley print the tickets to your ink specifications, and overprint the numbering if using lytho or similar printing. You will not need to set-up the numbering in this case.

  • As you are only having 300 done, unless this is a really classy (expensive) event, I’m guessing these will be printed digitally. Therefore, you can set-up your multipage document, as 300 digital prints is the same price regardless of artwork (single page or 300 seperate pages) as there is no set-up, film/plate making involved - think good quality (hopefully!) colour photocopier.

This (very basic) online raffle ticket printing application will sequentially number tickets. Its free to use. Design the tickets online and print to your printer.