Combining 2 Plugins

I’m a js novice and I’ve been trying to implement a few scripts. I was able to get them to function for the most part, thanks to the wonderful people on this forum. :slight_smile:

I have the following 3 plugins:

  1. accordion menu that drops down to show filter categories
  2. a gallery filter to filter out images in a category once it is clicked on,
  3. Magic Zoom Plus to zoom in on an enlarged image and to provide a lightbox gallery where you can click the arrow to advance to the next image.

The filter works for the thumbnails, but there is an issue when you click on a thumbnail to enlarge it and it opens the Magic Zoom Plus gallery. When you click on the arrows to go forward & back, it is taking you through all of the images, where it should just be the ones that in that category. I know that the Magic Zoom Plus gallery works on all the images on a page. I assume that in order to get the gallery feature to apply to a category & not the whole page, there would have to be some changes the Magic Zoom Plus script. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

PS Please ignore the design & Skeleton framework for now, it won’t look like this when it’s done, I’m just focused on getting the scripts to work right now. Thanks!

I’ve got some good news…

Magic Zoom Plus has a “group” parameter! You can use it to, well, group images together. If you set something like “group:nature” or “group:abstract” in the rel attribute, then it knows to only cycle through that one group of images.

…and I’ve got some bad news.

Unfortunately, it looks like those groups are not dynamic. My guess is Magic Zoom Plus figures out groups when it’s first loaded… and then never checks again.

Editing MZP to change this behavior isn’t going to be easy, either:

  • It’s not open source. They probably wouldn’t take kindly to changes being made, especially to the free demo.
  • It’s obfuscated. Even if you didn’t care about the license thing, you’d first have to decode/un-minify the stupid file.
  • The filterable plugin would still need to be changed as well. Constantly maintaining which group each image is in without messing up any of the other MZP settings isn’t trivial.

None of those tasks are insurmountable by any means, it just seems like it’s more work than it’s worth at this point. The energy and time would probably be better spent looking for a different zoom plugin.

Thank you, sdleihssirhc! I see what you mean. I was able to set the group rel attribute, but it doesn’t look like I can have them in an “all” group AND the individual categories. I’m glad I was playing around with the free demo to see if it worked before I bought it. Can you give me some idea of what specific features (terminology) I should be looking for in a zoom plugin to achieve this?

Does this look like it might work?

Sorry for the delay, crazy week.

The “advantage” to the jQZoom plugin is that it doesn’t appear to even have the “cycle through all the images” feature. Instead, it just shows the bigger version when you hover over an individual image. So, in theory, it should be able to “just work” with the filterable plugin.

Good luck! Or maybe it’s been so long, you figured something out on your own. In which case, congratulations!

Thank you for your response and for taking a look at it. I didn’t realize that one doesn’t cycle through. I’ve been giving it all some thought and maybe that is a feature that I live without if it seems to difficult to pull off what I was initially trying to do.

Actually, it is easy by using the API :slight_smile:

After the category is selected, use either MagicZoomPlus.refresh() or MagicZoomPlus.update(id). If you send us a link to your page, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do.