Browser Issues

Hi There,
Some of you have given me some great help to get my site up and running- my first attempt at using javascript plugins. It is working great in firefox, but now I’m browser testing it and it is crashing Safari and I’m even getting a “blue screen of death” in Chrome. :cry:

I’m done banging my head on the desk and I now I’m ready for some help. It seems like it is some interaction issue between isotope and MagicZoom Plus, but I could be wrong. Or the order in which my scripts are listed? Any help/ suggestions are appreciated!

Warning: this site is for artwork and the artist has a few paintings with very adult imagery- not safe if your boss or your kids are in the room or if you are easily offended.

Thank you!

I went to that page in Firefox, on a broadband connection, and it took over 8 minutes for the page to load a whopping 55 megabytes of images. :eek: I’m afraid that’s just not acceptable. You are asking the user to download many images of close to a megabyte each in one fell swoop. It’s better just to load small thumbnails and let each click produce the larger image, so that only one large image is requested at a time. :slight_smile:

Also, those larger images don’t need to be nearly that big. Make sure to save them for the web in a program like Photoshop, which should get them from around 800 kb to around 100 or less.

Hi ralph.m,
Thank you for the feedback. I will work on those issues. How can I change it so only the small images load and the enlargements only load when someone clicks?


Unfortunately, I’ll have to let others answer that, as my JS skills are minimal. It’s probably the way that script you are using is designed to work … which makes it kind of faulty, if you ask me. But I realize you chose it partly for its functionality, and unless you are a JS ace, you usually have to accept what you get in these cases.

Personally, I would build that page manually jut with HTML and a bunch of thumbnails that enlarge once clicked, but that’s not what you want for this page, I realize. I hope someone with JS skills can help you here, but if not—and if this functionality is really important for the site—the best thing would be to hire a programmer to write a script that does just what you need in an efficient way. :slight_smile:

You can use the initialize option initialize-on: hover; in the REL options for the image download to occur only on hover or click.

Thank you, paul_wilkins, I will make that change!