jQuery Gallery Plugin Suggestion


I am hoping that someone might be able to recommend a jQuery gallery plugin for me.

I have a page with 10 thumbnails. When I click on one, I want a full screen overlay, but one that can also include text, iframes, video, whatever I want, underneath the now enlarged image. And click/slide to the next div.

Most galleries just seem to show images, and perhaps a title. I spent hours with Magnific today but it just doesn’t quite do it. The closest I can get with Magnific is something similar to this - http://codepen.io/stufu/pen/vOdzbe (someone else’s work, seems to have had the same issue as me - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31198032/how-can-i-make-magnific-popup-open-an-selected-item-in-a-inline-gallery).

Anyway I’m getting a bit sidetracked!

In brief, can anyone recommend a gallery where I can display full contents of a div container - image, iframes, whatever is in there?

I’m loathe to build something myself as it is a free-of-charge friends favour I’m doing. I thought it would be a quick jQuery job!


Fancybox does all that - http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/

Thanks for this. It has taken a fair amount of work but I think it will soon do what I want it to!!

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