Coding a calendar booking system, where to start?

I’m looking to create a booking system to calculate annual leave. A user would need to pick dates using a snazzy date picker, a email be sent for it to be approved, and it would need to hook upto a staff directory.

I’ve got good background in PHP/ My SQL/ Jquery.

Is there anything out there I can use to create the calendar? plugins/ apps etc I can use?

Perhaps a plugin for wordpress/ joomla?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

I’d think very carefully about how you want to get the information out.

What reports are people going to want? (go and ask them)
Ask them for the business rules that apply.
Model that data - put in spoof data and make sure you get get the data out without nested loops of SQL statements.
Show the people how the reports would look and behave, check that is what they want, and listen carefully.
Decide what SQL selects might be invoked if someone wanted to book a holiday, and the max number of people being allowed off that week had been reached.

Putting the info in is usually the easy part and can be meddled with later to make it easier etc, but making sure you can get the reports out efficiently means getting the right fields lined up, with the right type of data – work your way out from that. Is my advice.

Thanks very much for your reply.

I’ve started on a basic spec.

Is there a calendar resource I can tap into? Google, joomla plugin etc.

Are there any tutorials on how to do go about something like this?

I’ve built something similar using basic PHP in the past but I’d like to use OOP as a learning exercise.

Any advice much appreciated.

What do your tables look like so far?

but I’d like to use OOP as a learning exercise.

Then bone up on the DateTime class, make sure you know what it can do, then get up to speed on PDO/Mysqli both are OO.

Get those singing and dancing with your table first, IMO.