Money Currencies (Only Chosen Ones, NOT all)

Dear Users,
Im trying to find a code for such a ‘‘Reckoner’’ script as it is here:

Of course the datas should be instantly updates when exchange rates between currencies changes and it does changing very often (daily). I thought I could ask their webmaster for the code but the script is not the same to what is needed because there should be some rounding also done to the nearest 5. What do I mean with ‘‘nearest 5’’ is shown here:

I have seen those four scripts already but they are different:

Its very important for me that updates are being changed by trustful source (website) which will really stay up 24/7 forever and will get (this source) new exchange rates instantly. If source would be unavailable that means the script on page of my website would be unavailable too. Also I should not need to republish page (or entire website) when the datas are changed. When I mentoined changes should be instantly, on html page, I meant when page (or website) is being reloaded. So since the source of exchange rate is important, the code should not contain any values at all (except for rounding) because those values (exchange rates) are changing very often (daily).

Anyone knows if anything like that exist?

Thanks a million for information. It would be really needed any appreciated.

Check the “Licensing” menu. There may be some stuff there which you can use.

As far as I can recall, that site has been up and running since the 90s.

Force Flow thank you for reply. I checked URL which you provided but I don’t see any script code there. Also there is no rounding. Third thing is that on, its like a converter but I search more similar to ‘‘Reckoner’’ script (see my first link in my first message).