Coda vs Textmate

Hey all,

I’m currently waiting for the new i7 macbook pros to come out before I finally take the apple plunge… But have started a list of all the programs I’m going to need to theres little time lost…

Originally I was under the impression that Coda was the best (lots of people at Boagworld big it up) - but after browsing around I’ve seen lots of people using textmate…

So I was wondering what peoples opinions were on both… / What people would suggest…

I’m primarily a front end developer guy; so bare that in mind as I’m sure that might change which program I should use.

Thanks in advance.

They’re both very good, but they’re not really the same thing.

Coda is a lightweight IDE for HTML, CSS and the like, with built in webkit previews, server-synchronisation and so on (like a lightweight Dreamweaver, without the WYSIWYG). You might also want to take a look at Espresso.

Textmate on the other hand is a text editor through and through. It’s advantages come from it’s massive extensibility.

You’re probably best off trying them out to see which you get along with. You might end up buying both - I did :slight_smile:

I use both for different purposes. When working in CSS/HTML/PHP/etc Coda really shines. Textmate I use as a general text editor.

Simply put… if you want a bare-bones editor (Like Notepad++) go with TextMate, if you want something with bells and whistles (like snippet management, SVN, FTP, language guides, etc) go Coda… their both good but Coda clinches it in my eyes, it’s just beautiful (really beautiful as a package). :slight_smile:

PS: Big up the world of Boag (and Marcus) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, Cool thank you! I can remember using a trial, and the ability to just click into a site and update it painlessly made me a very happy man…

Regarding Notepad++, I’ll be honest and say I try and stay away from it… I’m not a fan at all as it is - opting for Dreamweaver or Sublime Text - But I believe Sublime text is similar to Notepad++ and can kind of see the difference between the two…

The thing I really dont seem to understand though is why people use these over the likes of Dreamweaver / Coda… Yes in the case of dreamweaver lots of bloat can be added if you use design view - but why dont they just stick to code view and then this problem is avoided and you get the extra features…

Perhaps I’m being stupid here (& theres a really obvious answer)?

I like using both, Coda and TextMate. I find TextMate nicer and more sophisticated to work with, but Coda is more practical so I end up using the latter more often.

The best thing to do is download both trial versions and test them thoroughly. I think both offer 30 days or similar. You might quickly find out which of the two suits you better.

As for why people choose lighter applications with less features…well, for one Dreamweaver is costly. If you don’t use 80% of its features, why invest in the tool?
Two, if a tool has all the functions you need, then there’s no reason to pick a tool with features you won’t use. Third, if the UI or functionality of a cheaper and lighter app suits your coding style better, then there’s no reason to shell out a few hundred Euros for it.

If you already have Dreamweaver…well that’s another story. :slight_smile:

PS: There’s also EMacs or [URL=“”]Vim, two barebones, sophisticated editors you might like to try out.

While I’m at it, I might throw in TextWrangler (free) or its commercial dad, [URL=“”]BBEdit. Haven’t used either though.

Bloat is measured by the amount of resources the product requires and the unnecessary additions it has… code view or not, Dreamweaver is full of bloat, yes it has some useful features but it saps memory, disk space, CPU cycles and has unnecessary elements (design view) which are for the lazy (IMO). On the subject of Notepad++, it’s small, slim, does the job (well), as support for add-in’s to get the features you want and it’s totally free. Why bother with Dreamweaver? Really! :slight_smile:

Its not pretty and shiny! Perhaps that is a bad answer?

Probably, I don’t need “pretty and shiny” I need “get’s the job done without being morbidly obese” :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you say thats something I’d grow into being a younger designer right now? (Eg, my views will shift as I mature?) Or would you just say its simply a matter of preference?

I think I’m going to have to download & try them both out!

I just use Dw because I have it (as part of the ‘creative suite’). I’m always tempted to try out Coda, Espresso or TextMate—which look much nicer—but never see why I should spend the money when I already have a tool that does the job.

Mind you, using Dw just for text editing and uploads feels a bit like using a Ferrari just to do the shopping.

Do you think I’m “old” or something? I’m only 26, it’s not like I’m in my 40’s :stuck_out_tongue: I think it depends what kind of person you are, I come from a programming background so the way the app represents the code is more important than the tool used for me. In regards to DW VS N++, I prefer to have something that starts off simple and can build additional functionality as you need it to an app that has every bell and whistle and drains all your system resources into the ground. :slight_smile:

Haha, well I just assumed you we’re pretty old yeah - I apologize!! Your pretty accomplished for your age - so nice one! :slight_smile:

That makes sense! I’m still to really delve into the world of PHP and backend languages which may explain my tendancy towards DW, definitely something I’ll be improving on over the coming months though.

Thanks again for the help :slight_smile: - Have a great easter all!