Best Editor for Mac

I am a mac user but have been developing on a PC for 10 years because I feel I can get more done in less time using the tools available for the PC.

My preferred editor is Macromedia Homesite and I recently switched to using TopStyle 4 full time and really like it but I really want to start moving most of my work to the mac. I purchased Coda a while back and have used it for a few sites but I just don’t like it. TextMate looks like it could be promising and Espresso looks like it falls somewhere in between Coda and Textmate.

What is your favorite editor for the mac and why? Thanks.

+1 for Textmate too and we all like it here. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how anyone can’t love Coda, I’ve played with it and it’s probably the single most beautiful app I’ve ever seen :eek:

TextMate. I love it for its versatile editing features, for the sophisticated snippet management, bundles, and fantastic customization options. It simply does everything I want it to do, and if there’s something I don’t like, there’s a chance I can tweak it or find a good plugin for it.

Although I can’t say I’ve tried assigning keyboard shortcuts I will say I’ve used Textmate and others and none of them compare to Coda.

bhaslip, many apologies for responding so late. Yes, you can set your own custom keyboard shortcuts in TextMate.

Does Textmate offer the ability to set keyboard shortcuts for tags? That is one of the features that I love in Homesite and TopStyle.

Last night I was playing around with Coda and it is really starting to grow on me. I have all of my snippets organized and I like the tab triggers a lot. I have downloaded the Textmate demo and I really like that too but I think Coda is my new editor. Thanks.