CMS For a news feed... I HAVE NO IDEA!

Hi guys, I have been designing my site for a bit and always been putting this bit off… As I really have VERY VERY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE about how I would go about doing this!

I am using dreamweaver at the moment so have no idea what to do.

Basically I would like to be able to add new news bits where a little shows up on the NEWS page but the whole artice is given its own domain page… if anyone can point me in the right direction I would literally be FOREVER GREATFULL! Just like the homepage of this website.

Also, I have no money haha! I have heard you can do it with wordpress but not sure if there is some easy to use opensource CMS or something out there!

Most CMSs will do this for you, given your desired entry point, Wordpress would be a good start.

There are plenty of guides/tutorials about. :slight_smile:

Can you please point me in the right direction, I am not lazy I have been googling since last night and am bashing my head up against a wall. Granted I am not a huge tech person but i do WANT TO LEARN! If anyone can just nudge me in the direction of a tutorial I would really be greatfull. I don’t even know how to add CMS to a dreamweaver site, or do I just upload the site and use the cms seperately or what. Such a NOOB!

Sure, I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:

So, this DreamWeaver site of yours; is it just static HTML or are you using PHP? What about the articles, how are they currently stored?

Yea basically the website is static HTML, so I have just designed the look of it and have the home page done. Using my very limited understanding of dream weaver that I have. It is a video games website that I am designing so I want to be able to add a news page to it so that I just write out an article and on the news page the six most recent appear, showing a small amount of the story, literally Picture - Title - First Line and then you click through to a dedicated url for that story so I am slowly building up more and more url’s and a resource of my news feed. If I could add something to have all articles from each month that would be awesome but not a necessity!

As I said I have very limited knowledge but am more than willing to learn! I have stumbled across this but am not sure if this is what I need. will a CMS literally “PLUG IN” to my already designed page and auto update it for me with a user friendly back end?

Oh and I am on a mac which may make things more complicated?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Then I’d say your best approach would be to:-

  1. Install Wordpress on your domain.
  2. Add a few articles to it.
  3. Modify your existing pages to be Wordpress templates.

Barring the template creation, you’ll be able to stay well away from the inner workings and have a pretty easy to use system.


I think we/SitePoint have a Wordpress section which maybe able to help further, let me check this out.

I am sorry for being slow so basically what I will be doing here is having my website/news run through wordpress and make it look exactly like my website. So wordpress then creates all the urls under my domain name when they are created? Then I will be making the theme the same as my website so it fits seamlessly? I am such a dufus…


Ok, I think i am going to dive in and see what happens… Thank you for all your help. The next thing on my list is to add a forum… Although 1 thing at a time!

By far the trickiest bit will be theming Wordpress to look like your site. Bit of a learning curve there…There are books available. I think SitePoint has one.

Believe it or not, its actually been quite easy, mainly due to the simplicity of my website, the actual think that i want now is to make my dreamweaver spry menu bar look like the one in wordpress haha! I have managed to put the links in fine, added the banner just fine, the background is ok… My main issue now is getting the content to appear on wordpress in the way that I want… I . E TITLE and ONE LINE! so people can click through… I lose my twitter feed which I am okay with but that is it!