CMS For a news feed... I HAVE NO IDEA!

Hi guys, I have been designing my site for a bit and always been putting this bit off… As I really have VERY VERY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE about how I would go about doing this!

Basically I would like to be able to add new news bits where a little shows up on the NEWS page but the whole artice is given its own domain page… if anyone can point me in the right direction I would literally be FOREVER GREATFULL!

Also, I have no money haha! :frowning: I have heard you can do it with wordpress but not sure if there is some easy to use opensource CMS or something out there!

p.s I am using dreamweaver!

i believ you can do this in dreamweaver using the insert/update record commands also if the site that your using to import articles has an rss feed you set something up were the site will get those rss feeds though im unsure how to do this