Do you have cloud hosting?

please share if you have cloud hosting?

Also i want to know what is the benefit of using a cloud hosting.

The main benefit of cloud hosting is pay as you grow. Cloud computing is more like a metered web hosting where a customer selects personalized cloud server. Customer selects the size of cloud server (the size of RAM, Disk Space Os - Linux or Windows). Customer pays as per the real usage i.e. the amount of bandwidth and memory which is consumed.

And not to mention that could computing has better performance. There is 100% utilization of resources in could computing. The machines working on a cloud hosting platform puts to use all free resources like RAM, processor time, and hard drive space as and when they are needed.

I have heard good reviews about Rackspace cloud hosting.

Cloud computing as a technology is highly scalable (easy upgrade of resources), website expansion can be done with minimum limitations. You no longer need to worry about the hassles of migrating your website from a shared server to a dedicated server; or server crash when your website(s) experience a sudden surge. All these problems can be easily avoided by switching to Cloud Hosting.

All Cloud VM’s automatically migrate from one server to all other live servers incase of failure of one or 2 cloud servers or a storage. There will be absolutely no downtime due to power outage, network failure or failure of servers or storage.

Cloud computing is broadly classified into Shared Cloud, Cloud Servers and Private Cloud.

I believe once you are getting started with any project that is recommended to start with the smallest solution as for web hosting. If you are getting started I would not recommend you considering cloud hosting.

How do you explain the largest cloud provider (amazon) having major downtime recently then?

At the OP, are you going to use cloud hosting?

Yes, I too heard of the down time of amazon recently. But, i think that it is really rare case when it uses cloud hosting.