Cleaning up code. Is writting again a option?

I had been working with my team on a web app and going back n forth on designs and HTML layout changing on a large scale as we were heading for deadline. Now as deadline is gone. Lot of HTML is just wasted n to me it’s a lot coz I know HTML n what’s should be there n cleaning up will get too messy. So should I be doing clean code again or should I be more focus on enchaning it’s UI and user experience?

Does it validate?
That’s a big and worthwhile part of cleaning up code, then I’d enhance the UI.

And then if you want to consider what you have already done as simply a prototype, you could start over with a better UI and cleaner code.

I rewrite all the time. : )

If this code is going to get used a lot in the future, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of work if you rewrite now. Less code there is, the less there is to break.

i just rewrite a page. before it was on 279 line code. now its 179 only :slight_smile:

I guess rewritting is good. for two reason

  1. my guilt is not accepting that i do a work which i am paid for and its dirty n hard to read.
  2. its very hard to read.

The only thing i get bothered with is my colleagues being an ass if there php/oracle coding get disturbed. coz they are not at all friendly

Assuming you don’t disturb the PHP code blocks (which should be easy to see) and you have managed to reduce the bloat by more than a third it should probably also consume less bandwidth and save future major re-editing time.