What's the point of this?

I don’t know if this has come up before (not sure how to search it lol), but what is the POINT of having such an ugly source code for google.com??

I don’t even know… shouldn’t they set an example for a clean markup? Just… just… what is the point of all that garbage ??


I don’t think tha gmail90 was referring to validation. Validating really doesn’t have anything to do with having a clean, nice code. You can have ugly code and validate. And with clean, nice code, I don’t mean that everything appears to be in the same line. :slight_smile:

I think we’re talking about the best practices that we’re supposed to follow for accessibility purposes… but in true most people follow because it would boost their ranking in Google. These suggestions are, indeed, suggested by Google itself in their blogs. Yet they don’t follow them.

An example: javascript should be in an external file, and if possible, catch events to perform actions instead of using onclick attributes.

You people seem to be missing the major factor. The main reason why Google crunch their code up is for bandwidth savings. It’s better for them not to validate and shave off as many KB as possible than to have those added bytes which will literally boost their bandwidth usage by extra TB’s every day (just think about how many billions of hits it gets a week). It’s already been established that Google (For their major sections like the homepage) cut their code to shreds on purpose. :slight_smile:

Does removing white space from source code speed up the loading time?

It’s probably all dynamically created html that would require additional coding to pretty it up for human readability.

It is likely that all dynamically created html requiring additional coding to nice place to improve the readability of man.

Here is the script that I use to shrink the HTML that is displayed in the browser:


	$search = array(
	    '/\\>[^\\S ]+/s',   //strip whitespaces after tags, except space
	    '/[^\\S ]+\\</s',   //strip whitespaces before tags, except space
	    '/(\\s)+/s'        // shorten multiple whitespace sequences
	$replace = array(
	$result = preg_replace($search, $replace, $result);



I agree with Doug. It must be some kind of scripting or programming behind that creates teh code and that’s always hard to control. Yet, I guess that they should practice what they preach… at least, with what they preach in their blogs and related to SEO! :stuck_out_tongue:

But then, I guess they don’t need it.

Precisely Molona. They don’t need it.

I don’t care for Google, but I must admit grudging admiration.

  • They make a living out of stealing others’ content and republishing (but we can choose to tell them to **** off). I mean, really that’s what searching is…good gig if it wasn’t for a repressive beast guarding the niche already.
  • They don’t need to muck about with Googles’ moody search algorithms (“We mostly encourage spammers to be more clever these days. Google, making your life better…say it…say it. Won’t say it? To the sandbox with you then!”).
  • They don’t even need to maintain a particularly high quality, they’ve positioned themselves (with plenty of our help) as an unquestionable authority. I mean, my adsense gives me different info than my webmaster tools which gives me different info than my analytics which gives me different info than my server stats. 4 different numbers of page impressions. Always.
    Just wait says Google.
    For what, for it to update to 4 more disparate numbers only different this time?

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