Chrome and firefox differences

I’ve noticed a difference with the top header inthis page:

It’s great in firefox but goes into 2 lines in chrome. I could reduce it to be fine in chrome but I don’t want it any smaller than what it is and like how it is in forefox.

What is the workaround for this?

I’m not seeing any difference between browsers. Could it be that you have the default font size set slightly larger in Chrome?

I just checked. I’m using medium, when I switched it to small this seemed way too small.

The font size looks the same in Chrome as it does in Firefox to me on a PC. I would add that the slider background animation does not render properly in Firefox. The slide slides but the background animation is “lacking”.

Firefox, FYI:

ok That’s for that. What should I do to solve that? Is it a speed issue do you think?

I don’t know. The animation is done with JavaScript. You might wish to ask about that in the JS category.

Firefox is the slowest browser as far as running JavaScript is concerned (a lot slower than Internet Explorer which is next slowest) whereas Chrome is one of the faster browsers for running JavaScript.

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This particular animated background is faulty, not just “slow”. The light colored bubbles are frozen in place, the towers do not rise from the bottom, etc.

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