Font different size and look in Firefox and Chrome

I know there differences between the browsers, but in the link below when I look at the site in Chrome and Firefox there huge differences in the fonts, most notably in the h1 titles, but it seems over the top, so this is why I’m posting ot make sure I’m not doing something wrong.

development site

The font, and size, both look the same for me in FF and Chrome.

You don’t by chance have your browser remembering a different zoom level in one of the browsers do you?

Make sure they are both zooming at 100% and then compare again. Also, make sure your default font size is set the same in each.

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Hi Ray,

I’m actually glad you have said that they look the same, as that’s one less thing to get stressed about.

But I have checked both browsers and the font thing etc seems to be fine, but I’m getting very different font sizes and it seems font type results in each browser.

So it must be something going on for me locally, but thank you for the reply

that’s the fun of multiple browsers :slight_smile: as long as it isn’t breaking out of the containers etc then a user is unlikely to care as they will only be using 1 browser. It probably isn’t your problem but i know that chrome sometimes has a problem with fuzzy text i don’t think that would affect size though only how it looks.


A screenshot of the problem may help but it does sound like something you have done locally.

Are you using NoScript (or another similar utility)? If so, have you allowed your site in NoScript?

Test site viewed in Chrome

Test site viewed in Firefox. NoScript installed. Site allowed in NoScript.

Test site viewed in Firefox. NoScript installed. Site blocked in NoScript.

@multichild only just noticed how close you must be to me as i work in Ross-on-wye. River is a bit high for canoeing after all this snow though!

hope you get your problem sorted quickly

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