Choosing host


Please guide me to choose best web host for my sites. I am a bit confused to select amongst Host Gator, Blue Host and Go daddy. My requirements are unlimited space and addon domains. Budget isn’t a problem.

I use and perfer MDDhosting, you get what you pay for and there 100% reliable.

Out of the three?.. HostGator.

Go Daddy is a Domain Name registrar that does hosting as a side business. The other two have hosting as their main business.


One problem you’re going to have is that despite what anyone tells you on their site there is no such thing as unlimited space. Generally speaking there is always a restriction somewhere in the ToS, be it a hard limit or other restrictions such as:

  • Not using for a download site
  • Not using for media streaming
  • All files must be linked to from your site

or the worst

  • all files must be normal website files

which is incredibly vague. You’d be far better off paying for something that meets your realistic expectations of need right now and with say 6-12 months growth.


hi there i have just moved from host gator as they were muckingme around a bit and moved over to go daddy…hope that my sway the neck and neck voting :@)

With BlueHost the limits are on the number of files you can have on the hosting (once you go over 50,000 they stop backing up your site for you and you are not allowed to go over 200,000 files) plus all the files must be related to your web site (ie. no using the hosting account for file storage). Of course that is still somewhat vague as to exactly what files are and are not allowed.

They also don’t have a specific CPU limit for what your scripts can use but instead throttle those trying to use more than their fair share. So trying to use too much results in your site running slow rather than going offline.

In my experience, out of the 3, Hostgator has been better by a huge margin. In addition to that, both Bluehost’s (aka Hostmonster) and Godaddy’s hosting are declining in quality at a fast pace lately, unfortunately.

Yes, “unlimited” is not to be read as infinite, but as “indirectly limited”. So, read the terms of service very attentively.

Those hosts are far too big and cannot keep their quality high enough. I recommend going with a different host who offers better feature sets and stronger reliability at their respective hosting niches like reseller, shared, VPS, etc.

You get what you pay for.
I always recommend give a try to a company you like. Only such approach will help you to understand which company is good for you and which not.

For hosting:

Godaddy…no thanks.

Bluehost…a definite no.


My vote is for none of the above. IMO there are a lot better hosts than Godaddy, Bluehost, or Hostgator.

Well you dont need to think a lot, as these are all top hosting provider,s , moreover i do have pretty good experience with site5 and justhost as well.

As already mentioned before you always get what you pay for so don’t go for cheap. Do some research. If you must choose from those 3 I would go with host gator.

I’ve only ever used GoDaddy, but seems all the larger hosting companies have horror stories.

Apart from those web host which you have specified before there are many other good web host where they suit your requirements. You can search in Seach engine for the good one…

Good company … one and the same company can be good for one web master and bad for the other.

I always prefer to use Blue Host, its has the best services.

Used Bluehost a few years ago, will absolutely disagree with you on that one. The server performance was very poor, I would not even rate it a “1”, Support was not the best but was good enough for an “Unlimited Provider”, the overall experience was not as expected and I would advise against Bluehost!

I wish I could say otherwise :slight_smile: