Choosing card security checks: AVS vs CV2 vs 3D Secure?

Hi There,

I’m about to sign up with the CharityClear payment gateway, which I’ll be using with prestashop, and I’ve come across a section in the registration process asking which of the three required security checks I’d like to go for: AVS, CV2 or 3D Secure.

I’d like to know which one of these people would recommend. Should I use a combination of two or three of these?

I know there were some claims that 3D Secure could cause increased cart abandonement, but that was a couple of years ago so I assume that as people have become more familiar with the system it has become less of an issue.


AVS and CV2 are extremely common systems for both merchants and consumers. AVS is not front-facing [except for errors] while CV2 requires one field. Either will increase abandonment but it’s generally considered a justified loss as someone without a number or match is extremely suspect [there are of course some users who are legitimately lost due to a change in address or difficulty with the cvv code which they forget].

3d secure is far less common and while it’s certainly secure, it’s a decision which can have far greater impacts to abandonment as the user must leave your branded flow for another page, remember another ID, etc.

Most major sites go with CV2 and AVS without hesitation [measuring abandonment of course] and only opt for 3d secure if fraud becomes a serious issue. 3D history Visa’s program for consumers Mastercard’s program for consumers

Nice one, thanks Ted. So you reckon it would be wise to go with both CV2 and AVS then?