What ecommerce software would you recommend?

looking for a good cart, and money isnt a problem, suggestions please.

What car would you recommend? Looking for a good car, and money isnt a problem, suggestions please.

The answers are going to be vastly different depending on what your goals for driving the car are. If you need to transport 3 kids to soccer practice after school and pick up groceries, recommending a two seat sports car you can’t legally drive on the road isn’t such good advice.

Same goes for your question. Figure out your requirements and then find which ecommerce software meets those requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

Dan Grossman is exactly right. But with the recent PCI compliance regulations taking effect, I suspect that many of the Open Source carts to go by the wayside. If you want an easy to update unlimited product PA-DSS cart with many inexpensive custom modules that can be easily added on a PCI compliant load balanced network, Miva Merchant is the best choice.

as far as I see by your posts you already chose a shopping cart:

isn’t it? :slight_smile:

PCI compliance is going to be the single biggest
change in ecommerce cart solutions in the future.

The penalties are too steep for anyone to take a
chance on a non-compliant system. Just as you
used to be able to run an autoresponder from
your desktop PC, but no longer are able to …

…PCi will force more and more people to ecommerce
services that can afford the PCI specs because they
are spread among many folks.