Not sure I should ask this here but my wife has a Wordpress blog that suddenly looks bad on Firefox and Safari. Looks okay in IE. Trying to figure out where she went wrong.

Her blog is http://cwpcblog.wordpress.com/

Hoping I am not out of place asking for help here on this program…

Running the home page through the w3 validator (http://validator.w3.org/) there are a few stray closing tags there. IE may be in quirks mode when displaying the page

She pretty much uses the Visual editor, and does not use html code. It has been looking good up until yesterday. Now it’s fine in IE but not in Safari or FF. When using the W3 validator will the fix option automatically make the corrections, or is that not a good thing to do?

Which versions of Safari and Firefox? Looks fine here in Safari 5 and Firefox 11. It breaks in Firefox 3.6 Mac and, as the Wordpress theme is quite recent, it’s possible the designer hasn’t bothered to support a version of that age.

The theme is “responsive”, meaning that the layout changes when the browser window is at certain widths. Perhaps this is why it seems to look strange.

thanks…finally found it. Was a table code entered for whatever reason. Took some looking at, but finally figured it out about 20 minutes ago.