Cheapest quality VPS hosting?

Currently I’m with Hostgator. My only complaint is the way cpanel is setup as far as addon domains are concerned. A VPS setup would include a separate ip for each domain correct? So a true separate site for each domain? Googling I see some offer VPS for 6 bucks a month. But thought maybe you all could just point me in the right direction.

Trying to get my terms correct. So does VPS use plesk back end? Which is considered the best? Cpanel or plesk or other?

First, why do you want a separate IP for each domain? There’s very few reasons why you would need that. Anyway, no, a cPanel VPS would operate pretty much the same exact way in regards to add-on domains. Now, what you can do though, is get a cPanel reseller account with WHM access, then you can create individual cPanel accounts each with their own dedicated IPs. IPs are kind of expensive, and require justification, so just some things to think about.

VPS’s are virtual private servers. For $6 a month, you’ll get a linux VPS that won’t have any control panel, no cPanel, or plesk. You’ll just be doing things through the command line. Do you know how to install a web server, compile PHP, etc? That’s what you’ll have to do on a $6 VPS. Not to mention, keep up with kernel security updates.

cPanel and Plesk are both control panels, they sit on top of servers. VPS servers use a virtualization backend to run off of, that backend is not the same as cPanel/Plesk. VMware is an example of virtualization.

Your cheapest option would be to go with cPanel reseller hosting, that would give you the functionality you desire. A VPS wouldn’t be good, because in addition to the $6 for the VPS, you’d spend $14 per month for the cPanel license, plus $25 per month for server management if you don’t know how to do it.

I hope this helps point you in a direction.


Hmmm, Hostgator’s reputation would leave me with a very queasy feeling.

A VPS for $6/mo? That sounds like a joke as it would have to have minimum hardware and software and total lack of management (which means that you have to monitor/manage 24/7/365¼).

Separate IP for each domain is not realistic. Typically, VPS hosts offer 4 IP addresses and offer additional IP addresses for a monthly fee (ranging from $1 to $3/mo from what I’ve seen).

As usual, my vote for any hosting would be WebHostingBuzz (.com or as I have three accounts with them (for their outstanding service, top of the line hardware and software and, IMHO, very low cost). While my accounts do not include VPS, I’m sure that you’ll find a plan to suit your needs AND be able to upgrade with future growth.

Finally, I REQUIRE cPanel for all my accounts (dedi needs an upgrade for that) for ease of use as well as transferability.



As mentioned, unless you are a server geek, get a managed VPS. When I had US hosting, I looked around for a long time to find one I liked and that wasn’t too expensive. For each host, I also googled for terms like “sucks” and so on. I finally settled on KnownHost, for both cost and reputation, and I wasn’t disappointed. They were great. After several great years with them, I moved to a local host, purely because it’s so much quicker to upload things to a local server (3 minutes to upload a CMS as opposed to an hour). But I would certainly recommend KnownHost for managed VPS hosting in the US.

And like DK, I insist on CPanel. I think it’s great, and I’m always miserable when I have to use anything else (such as on a client site where I didn’t get a say in hosting).

Honestly, $6.00 per month isn’t going to get you anywhere. Check with a reseller account.


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There are a few VPS / server benchmarking sites out there that can help. This one uses real, running servers at each provider to track performance over time: