Cheap thumb drives?

Gotta little project I’m working on and I’m needing some cheap thumb drives, that actually don’t need to be larger than maybe 800 to 900 megs (gonna send them to people and not ask for them back since it would add alot of cost to pay for return shipping)

I’ve searched Google and so far have not come up with any inexpensive options unless I want to buy 50 to 100 or more.

Anybody know where to get these cheap?

2GB drives for $5.99/ea with free shipping. - Team F108 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Silver) Model TG002GF108SX

2GB drives for $5.84/ea with free shipping to your closest Wal-Mart.

Any cheaper and you will probably have to buy from eBay and Amazon Marketplace sellers.

K00L, I knew there had to be a place to buy these without having to buy a bunch in order to get a low price…Thanks!

They ought to make a little portable music player where you can plug in a thumb drive for the device to get content from…

HP v165 looks pretty nice, small sized, cute design.
Very cheap as well. Comes in a variety of 4gb and 8gb.

I don’t know why online sellers have put high prices.
It is a value product. Check with a store near by.

1gb pen drives might be going out of the market.

And, also to save things, you can try to find out used pendrives from the people who wanted more spaced pendrives, by replacing them. Harder to find them in such a bulk?

Hi…i agree with you dear…pen drive or say thumb drives are nowadays available at cheap rate…and they come for various types of usage…so one can buy these at really cheap rate and according to their need!! no need to spend lots of hard earned money on these…you can try to buy these online…from kingston or sandisk…

I don’t know if you wanted to get your drives customized at all, but last year at my cousin’s wedding I was in charge of getting all the photos to the various guests so I got some drives custom printed. Came out pretty cheap if I recall and everyone was very happy to get a flash drive with the photos. This is the website I used

You can try ebay for cheap flash drives.
Another option is , it provides special discount for large quantity :slight_smile: