Chatting application

Hello All,

i am working on a website. There i want to have a chatting sytem like Facebook where friends can chat using smilyes.
They should be able to see who is online.
I googled alot but still no solution… can any one help?


There are tons of 3rd party solutions out there. You should explain what you’ve looked at, tried, and why none of those have fit.

Ya sure… Actually I was looking to code them. I think you mean here by purchasing it… I tried some but they were like customer support software

Your posts are not clear what you are asking for, then.

What are you asking for? Code examples? Tutorials? Someone to walk you through it step by step?

This is a very ambiguous thread that pretty much started out with a statement instead of asking a question.

It’s kind of like me walking up to you and saying “I want a car. Can you help?” You don’t know anything about me, what my budget is, what I’m looking for in a car, or even what purpose I need the car for. Do I need a racecar to compete in derbies? Do I need a bus? What if I’m actually not even wanting a car and all I need is a bicycle? You now have to figure out all these things from a very ambiguous statement that really told you nothing at all.

That’s kinda what you’ve done here.