Chat box development


I want to develop a chat box for my website like facebook. Is it possible?

You should be more specific. Of course it’s possible, Facebook has one. A lot of other sites do too.

You posted in PHP, but that side of things is mostly irrelevant. The huge chunk of the code for a chatbox is in Javascript. The backend could be a number of different things, but things like Websockets or some other chatserver would probably be preferable to PHP. But PHP would work, it would just be very inefficient.

There are lots of 3rd party options available, but I’m don’t know of any specific ones.

What should i do then?

I need a chatting system for my users. The message should reach to their inbox if they are unavailable. I dont have message box yet in my system, :frowning:

I made one many years ago that was php based as far as post/query/display that was inside a div tag. Then I just used JS to reload the div every second. I’m sure there are many ways to do it.

There are tons and tons of tutorials

As well as 3rd party applications

Thanks everyone

That about covers things. Before this thread gets any SPAM posts

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