The best chat software

I’m a webmaster, and I want to add a chat room to my website vBulletin 3.8.
But i don’t know what’s the best chat software for website.
As a user/customer, what are the top there things you are looking for in a cloud provider?
Some of the probable parameters:

  1. features
  2. Cost
  3. Payment flexibility / pay as you go options
  4. performance
  5. support
  6. service
    your opinion is welcome, thanks in advance!

Buzzerchat is new ajax chat community php/mysql script, it does support multiple rooms with moderation features.

However Buzzerchat is not integrated with any CMS or forums.

Link to demo

Website :

you can use addonchat, here are the details

in my opinion, 123flashchat is the best software in a cloud provider, it has high performance, good service, and the payment is more flexible, the most important is that rich features, especially the latest version 8.0.
here is their demo page:
what’s more, u can free download a trial version to have a try:

A freebie for IRC chat rooms:

A couple companies that come to mind who have been doing this awhile (I know people who have used them for years) are Online Institute (OLI) and Parachat.

OLI allows picture posting, linking, video embedding, private messages and has full membership controls (like a forum). check out:

free demo is here:

parachat has many of the same features and allows large rooms and supports “event chats” – see:

watch out for the “free” chats, a friend tried one and the server was sloooowww… these two are at least low cost and have good support

hope this helps