Changing email newsletter images & text (will it pass spam filters?)


I have a daily newsletter that goes out to over 20,000 subscribers.

About a year ago, I changed just the header image and immediately got complaints from subscribers that their email was missed. It seems that the newsletter with the new header image may have been flagged as spam.

I want to re-do the entire newsletter now, with links to social media sites, an updated footer, again a new header image, and also an additional side image. The content will be the same, but the overall template is what will change.

I’m hoping someone could advise as to how to prevent the spam issue from happening again. When the new newsletter goes out, what can I do to pass the spam filters this time?

Is there anything I can do … talk to AOL, Cox, other ISPs… ?

Changing a header image shouldn’t cause too many issues. Though html emails are more likely to get blocked than text emails.

You should be following bulk senders best practices like:
Participating in all of the major ISP’s FBL’s.
Honoring unsubscribe requests.
Sending the proper headers: precedence: bulk, mailto unsubscribe.
Removing 5xx bounces.


Content is important in your deliverability but your IP / Mail Server are even more so so let’s start there. Who are you sending this email through?