Images with bytes of words


I am trying to send my weekly sale ads for those people who subscribe to my newsletter. One of the Spam Assassin rules says:

BODY: HTML: images with 1200-1600 bytes of words

What does that mean?

This may be a recognition pattern for the spam technique gaining popularity in recent months – sending an HTML mail which contains only an image, and that image is the text of the mail. Since simpler spam filters see no text, they don’t filter it as spam.

Thanks Dan.

So I assume that if I change those text images into just plain html texts, that would be sufficient?

A good idea either way :slight_smile:

Many people that have HTML e-mails enabled at all, still turn off images.

This is weird. I did some testing and left the image with the text as is and added some plain texts at the bottom of my newsletter content. And now the “BODY: HTML: images with 1200-1600 bytes of words…” message is no longer complaining.

This does not look right.

That’s because the pattern is in the class HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16. Note the “IMAGE ONLY” part. Now that you’ve added some text, it’s slightly less spam-looking, but still a bad idea to send.