Godaddy has cache storing mechanism?

hi there

I host one of my wepages on a godaddy delux linux account. Last month I changes one of my sites(I’ve deleted the entire directory content and replaced with the new version) .

The problem is that I google search, my old website versions appears indexed, and when I visit those links, the old pages are displayed without css and images.

I don’t think is google’s fault, bc it appears my entire old url as it was hosted from my server.

Do you have any idea about what is happening? Do you have any idea about where do I have to start my searches?

It can take a while for Google to re-index your site.
If the urls have changed you can use 301 redirects to point them to the new pages.

Please create a sitemap file and upload this in public_html folder.
Whenever you modify pages, create a new sitemap file and delete the old one.
This will solve the issue permanently.
This is the link to create sitemap file

Good luck

I’m not sure I’ve understood you correctly. Are you saying that you deleted the previous version of your site from your server, but you’re somehow still able to access it on the server? Are you sure it isn’t just a browser cache?