Carousel alternatives?

I’m making a school portal. I bench marked for a splash page and most of them have carousels and some have outdated layouts. Carousel are pretty standard these days. I only have 800x450 images so carousels won’t work, as well as parallaxes. I don’t know any splash trends specifically for school/universities specially when I only have limited resources. I need some help from you guys. :worried:

My reply to ANYONE saying “oh we will just use a carousel”…
Should I Use A Carousel

Hell I work on an ECOM site and we pretty much did away with them,mostly for the above reasons. Frankly I would probably use one image (main image I’m talking about) per page and cal it a day. The 800px width thing seems like a bit of a downer, can they get better images because I am willing to bet if you try to manipulate them via css its gonna look fugly.


There’s nothing to say that a carousel - or a static image come to that - needs to be full page width. That said, as @bwclovis says a carousel really is a bad idea. Apart from all the other reasons in the link he’s given, (a) it detracts from the main message of a website (b) the more images you have the longer your site takes to display and (c) it’s so passé.


You are 100% correct that they do not need to be 100% wide, just seems to be the current trend (full bleed). But yeah … sliders in general = no bueno.


I also tested that, but I noticed that the image has low quality so I removed it.

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