Looking for JQuery oversized image/content slider


I’ve been looking hi and low for a JQuery plug-in that works similar to the one on this site: http://www.baystate.edu/

Some of the requirements I have and features I like are:

  1. Oversized or full page images that are presented as background images.
  2. Simple UL markup for slides.
  3. HTML content in slides.
  4. Left/right control arrows.
  5. This might not be related to the plug-in, but I’d like the width of the background image not to dictate the width of my page layout. So, if my image is 1200px and my web layout is 960px I’d like browser windows that are smaller than 1200px not to align my entire web layout left based on the size of the background image.

I’ve looked at a plug-in here (http://unslider.com/) that might have potential, but I wanted to see if anyone else had any insight before I dive in.


Hi there,

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I just finished working on a project that used Flexslider.
This seems to do most of what you want and might be worth a look.


Thanks, Pullo!

I’ll check it out.

Its funny as the first time I tried the baystate link there was only one background image - the first one. The rest of the slides were just orange or green boxes with the text.
So I went backwards and got one more background image; I had to go forwards and backwards a few times for all the images to show.

The Flexslider demo took an age to load ( at a guess 10+ seconds ) but worked OK when it did; I was about to give up with it.

This was using IE11

bxSlider is a good one too.

Thanks, Ralph! I plan on testing that out tonight.