Can people/friends see Facebook pages I've reated?

Hi there,

If I create a page on my Facebook page, can other people/friends see that I’ve created it? Also, can they see it on my profile?


No, No one can see the owner of the page. but if you like or share the page then your friend can see in your profile.

Thanks for the reply.

What can they see in the profile - that I liked it or that I created the page?


It doesn’t show them that he is one of the people that liked the page? Like it shows me “your friends david, joe and john liked the page bla bkl”?

best way increase visibility of your FB’s page, You should invite other user to like, post under page, follow … Other hand user will also find your page while search over the FB, that depend relevancy search query and page what about.

No, they can’t see! Your friends can see what pages have you liked, and if you don’t want to show the pages you have liked, then you can manage settings in facebook.

What is that setting to control visibility of FB page?

Normal privacy settings. To answer your question, your friends can not see what pages you have created.