Can you have an app that just opens a website?

Hi All

I hope this is the right spot to post this.

Can you have an app in the Google and Apple stores that simply opens a website?

I am making a member website and would like to have an app icon on members phones and pads to basically be like a shortcut to the website but I am not sure if that is allowed through the stores.

Does anyone know?

If you can’t put them through the stores can a member add the app from my website or can you only add apps via the stores.

Thanks for any help as I have no idea.


That’s what a regular shortcut do, open a web page in the default browser. You can indeed place a ready-made web shortcut on the phone’s screen.

You could also tell the member how to add or copy a shortcut/bookmark/favorite to the screen when visiting your site.

AFAIK most apps that are meant to connect to a site or service is just a slim down browser, often an old version with no updates served.

That’s my two cents. :slight_smile:

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