Good idea or Bad idea - Android native app which link to web app

I am not sure if this is a good idea or bad idea.
I want to build a web app (Responsive web design). The app will change and update every day with new content.

It will be a free app, which is just filled with text and images.
I would like to get as many people as possible to view and use my app.

I want to put my app on the android and apple store. To do that it needs to be a native app.

Is it possible to just make a native app which is only a button that links to the web app?
Do you think they will actually allow this app on the app store?

Is this a bad idea, is there something that i am not aware of?

I was thinking of just using phonegap, but i want to update and change the content of the app instantly and daily.

Any advise or suggestions would be great
Kind regards

This wouldn’t be allowed in the apple app store.
There’s no reason you cannot integrate dynamically updated content located and loaded from a remote server into a phonegap app, as long as the app handles a disconnected state or loading error intelligently you’ll remain within the app store requirements.