Can you get rid of a Cowlick?

You know how your hair sways a certain way?
Anyway to fix that?

(erased all this embarassing crap i had here haha)

So does anyone have a solution to getting rid of cow-licks?

shave your head

haha I did and i look really stupid ! I didnt do it cause you suggested it i did it yesterday to celebrate not being sick anymore loool :stuck_out_tongue:

but i can tell once it grows a little its gonna gimme trouble!!

(Wow you know a lotta the hard stuff according to your website LOL!)

Here’s what you do:

Shower before bed.
Dry your hair a little when you get out. When you’re done, put on a beanie/skully and go to sleep.

When you wake up your hair should be almost perfectly flat (like hat hair but better). Then you can mold it much easier.

Wow Vinnie!! hidden Hair styling talents?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well may advice is Kill the cow and it won’t lick you anymore!!!

defensive styling. I’d have a worse fro than stymiee if I didn’t tame it regularly. :<


ROFL :rofl: gaaqhahfdahahahahha

What product do you use seed? I use wax, so it usually flattens right after a shower.

Wow, that the weirdest picture of a cow I have ever seen, is that really it’s tongue? the cow next to it is eyeing that thing lol

Have you ever been cow tipping? This might be pay back.

Cow licks look a lot less worse when there are many of them. And then they just look like some kind of style. Make more licks I say. Less drastic than shaving.

I have one which makes my fringe not lie straight, I’ve given up now, it just looks like I constantly have an uneven fringe.

hahahahaha! I thought that was just a british thing!

What’s cow tipping?! :confused: (towny asking…)

Ok, now that is just silly! :lol:

No, it’s a close to cows with nothing to do thing :slight_smile: