I hate shaving

Had to do it two days in a row!

Why do you think we shave?

I’d go all Andrea Dworkin if I was a chick. Screw the boys, I’d get a pet dog and a fancy toy!

That’s good, if it gets hard go to the doctor right quick.

That was actually how I found out I probably had cancer.

Bizarre tradition; I guess it fits

I just don’t have words for how awesome I think this reply is.

Yeah, no epilation for me;laser or otherwise. No tarring and defeathering. I’ll continue to scrape my skin with a hunk of sharp metal as little as I possibly can…

Mine is quite soft, actually …

I shave because I wouldn’t pass inspection if I didn’t :\

I find the hardest part of shaving to be the scrotum.

I like to be shaved but the process is too long…all those hairs one by one…

Just don’t do it at all if you don’t like it.

Of course, if you’re young enough to have one of those disgusting, thin, bum-fluff beards you’ll look like ****, no-one will respect you or take you seriously and people will think you smell bad. But if that’s better than shaving, then…

Even men with full beards need to keep them trimmed and neat, otherwise they look like homeless people.

I have no problem with looking unkempt, it’s the itching that bugs me! They say that goes away after your beard grows out and stuff, but I just can’t make it through the itching.

Besides, if you grow a beard your respirator won’t seal right, and then what would you do when mass use of DDT finally makes it’s triumphant return? Huh? :shifty:

Cancer is sad but many kinds are today cured.

to look good. to look presentable. this is a seriously weird post.

Because of the perceived longer chin. :shifty:

:rolleyes: puhlease! That was sooo 1990’s - I’ve moved on since then :shifty:

If shaving is uncomfortable or just a chore, maybe you’re doing it wrong? I have a bunch of [u]videos[/u] (not sponsored) about getting a better shave and making it a more pleasant activity.

I look better when I shave. Therefore I shave. :smiley:

two days in a row? wow, that’s amazing :shifty:

to see mizwizzy here, made me think about her with a big red Irish beard :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

There’s a hot alternative for men and women if you want to remove your unwanted hair called waxing. Maybe you should try that or maybe a laser treatment if you want to permanently remove all your unwanted hair. Waxing is also nice though hair may grow but I’ve heard maybe 2 to 3 week that’s not bad i guess. You can Also do personal waxing just google it and buy the stuff needed…

Being clean and feeling good for one day…And the next day ? :frowning:

Dunno. I don’t.

:shifty: I guess personal grooming?