Can wordpress 3.0.5 act as a static page cms?

I’m pretty good with html and css but not too knowledgeable with wordpress.
I’ve downloaded the latest which is wordpress 3.0.5 and put together a dummy site with admin, editor user. Went to Settings > Reading and changed it to a static page site. Great so I’m ready to create a site, now here’s where I ran into a problem.

I want to create the home page, about page etc with editable sections where the editor user can update some of the words without messing up the html.

As far as I can see there seems to be no way for the wordpress cms to separate the content in a static page between users where the admin user can control html and css and the editor user can just update copy where necessary.

Am I missing something?
Right now I’m looking at alternatives like GetSimple, FrogCMS or TextPattern but I really don’t want to go diving thru the vast array of cms possibilities if Wordpress can truly act as a static page cms. Comments and advice appreciated

For each page, create a Page Template.

The HTML/CSS lives in the template, the content lives in the database (and is edited through WordPress’s Edit Page page.

That works. Thanks Dan