Client update!


I’ve started coding my first site for somebody and I’m still learning html/css…pretty much got to grips with the basics now.

The site is to be 4 or 5 pages and will be entirely static apart from 1 section of the homepage, which will be for the client to post updates/news.

Whats the simplest way for me to enable the client to do this? The easier the better and ideally free! I know building in Wordpress is one option but is it the simplest for what I need?


WP is definitely an option, and it is free, but it can get complicated. Another option worth checking out is to use a simple 3rd party CMS option like PageLime or [URL=“”]CushyCMS. These let you define client-editable page sections and you can use them for free.

The next step up would be a simple CMS like Perch.

I would agree with ralph.m CushyCMS is great - I have used it several times with clients who had no HTML knowledge and it proved a great success. Perch I also like - but it isn’t free. I find Wordpress also works for clients but find it a bit limiting when designing.

Great thanks for those links and advice.

One last question…Im already half way through designing/building the site. Can I just carry on as I am and then just apply the CMS at the end?


If you were to use CushyCMS then this is fine. To use this you just add tags around the bits of the website you want to be able to update. CushyCMS is great if you just want to be able to update static text or add an image etc.

I’ll just chip in to second what Hilforr said. Yes, a simple CMS like Cushy is easy to add in at the end—indeed that’s probably the best approach. With most other CMSs you generally need to install that first—just for future reference. So if you do any more sites, it’s important to work out what functionality will be needed from the start and set up anything that’s needed from the outset.