CMS on Static Web Page

Hi guys,

I’m a bit new to the web design world, so bear with me.
I am recreating my client’s current website. They are using a basic CMS template editor that the host of the site ( provided, so not WordPress or anything. I have been building the new site layout offline in editors, rather than using CMS templates. My client wants to be able to update the site with “deals” and “specials” they’re having, so they would not be updating the whole page, just a section.

My question to you; is it possible to use a CMS program, such as WordPress, on a static web page to allow my client to update only a section of the page? So say I have a whole 1000px wide page, but I only want them to be to edit a 300px section on the left side for their deals.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks a lot!

There are lots of CMSes for this sort of thing. Check out examples like Perch (hosted on your own site) or [URL=“”]Surreal (hosted externally).

CMSes like these are designed for essentially static sites. With them, you choose sections on your pages to be editable. So they are well suited to statics sites that were built without a CMS.

Thanks a ton for a quick reply. I will definitely keep these in mind!