Can we consider Google artificial intelligence?

What ever you ask it, it will replay. And in 100% it will replay with information relevant to your question. You can ask it in simple form(one word) or you can ask it complicated questions(What is weight of Space Shuttle). You can do type mistake, it will correct you. In any case, what ever i do search on Google i have some feeling that i’m talking to something intelligent. Something that always provides me with relevant things of what i was initially reffering to. So, if we define it is composed of three major elements: 1.internet as hardware, 2.human built data base upon this hardware, 3.Google search machine to operate previous two, can we actually say that Google is first human built artificial intelligence?

Google does what its programmers tell it to do, with data that is fed to it. It isn’t capable of self-improvement or self-development without human intervention, it can’t learn anything. To me, that feels like there is no AI there, just a lot of very sophisticated algorithms.

No it’s just algorithum, it not takes any decision himself , he depends on human command most of the times and brings update… but yes , with time it will … so wait until when it comes existence…

I agree with you. Although if you read this article where Google is mentioned ( they do aim for something else. Still, as per today, learning capabilities are limited and there’s a long way to go. But there are lots of projects around and some day, who knows, it may be true :slight_smile:

Myself, I went for the simple path and did a few speech macros in my computer to do my life a bit easier and because I loved Paul Bettany’s voice as J.A.R.V.I.S in the Iron Man movies :lol:

Wow…that article is rather creepy. If I remember, it didn’t end well in 2001 Space Odyssey…“open the pod bay doors,Hal.” I understand people’s fascination with AI. It’s interesting to think about, but it does pose some complicated ethical questions for the future.

Well, let’s hope that we’re smarter and don’t build a murdering machine like that. :lol:

With AI the computer can decide for itself how to obey its instructions - just as Hal did in trying to keep the secret it was instructed to keep from the crew.

Are you trying to scare me? :shifty:

It is a possibility but let’s say that I hope that we make robots more like the one in “I, Robot” instead :slight_smile: